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Forex.Today | Friday 17 December 2022 | Live Forex Trading Session | EUR, USD, BTC, XAU, WTI

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Today’s Lessons:
Wayne reminds us about the vital importance of taking notes. He also reminds us how Tradersway earned his loyalty and respect (3:50) / Wayne reminds us that he’s going to make a “2022 Outlook” for all the Fxbootcamp members (7:33) / Wayne talks about the current situation of the US Bond Market and Stock Market. He also explains how upcoming rate hikes caused a rotation from and to some Stocks (11:53) / Wayne talks about Ark Investments’s YTD performance. He also reminds us that periods “in between trends” are times that Potential Investors would use when deciding to invest in a Fund, to observe the Fund’s behaviour in those times (Hint: There are Sectoral Rotations happening currently, as an example of an “in between trends” period) (16:25) / Wayne reminds us about the Investments he made 6 months ago (20:10) / Wayne uses Ark Investments as an example of how a Fund can go from Number 1 to being fired (Hint: He also analyses their Portfolio after the second lesson). He also explains that currently money is going out of NASDAQ mostly (21:55) / Wayne explains the risks and benefits of “putting our eggs in one basket” (28:09) / Wayne talks about his outlook for the US Stock Market and Bond Market (30:44) / Wayne talks about the Fund Manager of Ark Investments (31:45) / Wayne reminds us about the Risk Management Technique he’s teaching us (33:25) / Wayne reminds us that our biggest losses will happen when nothing happens in the Market. He also reminds us about the Seasonality of the months of November and December (Hint: Seasonality Lesson) (37:20) / Wayne reminds us that we shouldn’t blame ourselves or our Trading Methodology when we’re trying to Trend Trade in a Range. He also reminds us about one of the benefits of having a Fundamental Bias (42:44) / Wayne reminds us about the vital importance of us having conviction in our Analysis (47:33) / Wayne reminds us how it is to be a Forex Trader (49:45) / Wayne reminds us what Bulls, Bears and Pigs do (52:00) / Wayne explains the recent appreciation of the MXN (1:02:40) / Wayne reminds us about the “2022 Outlook” he’s going to do for the Fxbootcamp members (1:10:15) / “My job is to seek opportunity and manage risk.” – Wayne McDonell / “If your trade is only good for an hour, it’s not a good trade.” – Wayne McDonell / Wayne answers to the question “Do you think we’ll get a Santa Claus rally?” (Hint: Seasonality Lesson) (1:12:08) / Wayne talks about Dark Pools. He also talks about “Flashing Orders” (1:14:54) / Wayne uses “Board Meetings” as an example to remind us that the majority of people actually want to get out of the house and socialise (1:35:35) / Wayne reminds us about some of the lessons of today (Hint: Rotations, Dark Pools, “Flashing Orders”, etc.). He also gives some advice to traders that use “zero commission” brokers (1:39:48) / “Nothing is free.” – Wayne McDonell / “People is smart.” – Wayne McDonell (Hint: The OG’s will recognise this quote!).

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  1. Thank you Wayne. An excellent fundamental coverage for example 2022 December Kathy wood story.

  2. 36:43 Wayne said, "Three weeks and nothing happened…I want you to recognize that if you go back year after year after year of trading history, looking at November and December, you will not see this. You will not see this (where nothing happened going back) 20 years!" So the lesson is, risk management with low lot sizes relative to your account size. Losing 9 trades, for example should only lose at most 1% of your capital. NOTE: "Your biggest losses (and risks) are going to occur when nothing happens in the market."

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