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Forex: Predictive Analysis 101 For BEGINNERS or ADVANCED traders

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  1. Hey Steve you have so many videos, where should a beginner like me start? Im a stock trader, mostly trade the news and have a dividend portfolio. I have a new account I put 200$ in on MT4, I scalped up 11$ in a night, next day got impatient and traded away all of it plus another 10-15$ lol… I don't use any indicators I have been just following the heat wave app, 1hour-4 hour charts and comparing markets. Any tips, don't know what video to really start so I guess Ill just watch em all. Im more of a reader but this channel is gold thank you.

  2. Hi Steven, thanks for this channel. I have a question =) After your prediction was right and price is bouncing from resist/support level, when you need to open an order? One bar closed after bouncing? some pips to direct of prediction? How I would know this indeed bouncing and the price would not go to loose direction after 2-3 bars after I'm opening the order. Thank you very much for answer.

  3. hello, 😉 I am new here .. your education is great !! How can I get weakly predictions ?

  4. why do you read the price? who cares 1.00040535893??? ? dont waste time and energy of yours and others

  5. Hey steve thanks a lot bro, since started to subscribe to your channel i can see light at end,,,,Trading simplified i must say…thumbs up.

  6. Yep Steven, you do a great job with your presentations. I really appreciate that you focus on price action and not just some indicator. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hey man. Huge fan of your TA and have learnt a lot from your channel. I would really appreciate if you also include cryptos in your videos and then compare the views you get. Crypto are the future and stocks and $ are on the verge of crashing.

  8. I really want one of those shirts for some reason haha. They're dope. Great stuff as usual bro

  9. I been away from your channel for awhile but it is soooo awesome to come back and see your growth! Congrats bro! Great work!

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