1. @pawan Sir at 40min, jis baat ka dar usmai betting like skw ka rate badne ka dar but rate USD ka diya hai na.. it's creating confusion. Please help

  2. Q 3 NDF contract: We generally compare wherever outflow is least, but ques itself mentions to compare with spot position on 01/02 (so that's a hint for presentation)

  3. Aapke videos kabhi bhi dekhta hu toh aisa lagta hai ki padhte hi jau pura din… Sabse jyada iss subject me maja aata hai padhne me… Jabse aapko follow kiya hu…
    Thank u sir for making this subject so interesting ❤

  4. Can anyone help me where can i get revision video of ca final scmpe as same level of concept clarity and best like pawan sir's sfm ?
    Anyone please reply

  5. sir at 01:12:10 interest rate given is for 6months but we considered it as annual rate,,,in exam which one to be considered

  6. Sir quest 3 (b) of jan 2022 new course.,is also new quest from this forex chapter.
    If possible please discuss that quest also in your video

  7. If possible upload these videos for all the chapters asap bcz after diwali it won't be feasible for students to watch long videos on YouTube.
    (Bcz just one month before exam no one will prefer watching long videos on YouTube)
    This is just a suggestion,please don't take me otherwise.

  8. Sir ,even after becoming CA ,I'm still love to listen you for few minutes and remember my old days how I listen your youtube lectures and got success SFM 79. Most specifically I love those lectures which you teach in white board and sir my favourite lecture in those were factoring and money market operation 13marks. Thankyou so much sir.

  9. Pls combine pdf of all chapters question added after 2018 and post it in telegram

  10. Sir mein soch hi rahi thi ki kaise karu additonal ques…. And you are back…
    Thank you so much sir

  11. Thanks sir for such efforts ..I will pass in this attempt .All this is possible because of you ..my fear of SFM has decrease.

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