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Forex Multi Level Marketing Companies: The TRUTH Revealed.

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  1. Ladies & gentlemen there is a distinct difference between recruiting, sales, prospecting & marketing! Please learn them so you could stop using them in the wrong context.

  2. And now the new tactic is you pay a certain amount and you will get guaranteed 10 times the amount

  3. The ones I've seen so far are the ones that say the way to get the products for free is to recruit people into the Forex Market

  4. That's just about any sales organization. The money is alwaysin the recruitment and the sales in a combined effort. It's not a conflict of interest when you understand that management ALWAYS recruits new sales people. The only difference is an individual getting people to do it rather than Management or Company getting people to do it.

  5. IML and now Tradera. Lol There is absolutely, positively nothing iML or any other Fx MLM company can teach you that is not already available for free if you look for it. People pay for laziness. The stock, options, future's and forex markets have been around for almost a centurry and about the only thing that changes is the way we access the markets. Everybody has some magical formula that will make you rich and all you have to do is pay $100 – $2000 a month to get the knowledge. So guess where they got the info from? Stop letting people separate you from your money. Educate yourself. It's amazing that most of these people don't even know they are using a non registered fx broker.

  6. The latest scam game. MLM Forex. too funny. Let me guess. you gotta put $ in to join. There is no trading going on here. All the $ is coming from the suckers joining up. The first few make huge $ and everybody else gets 0. Its the same old MLM scam over and over and over again. What really makes me laugh is these pay to trade brokers. OMG. Seriously. People actually pay monthly subscriptions to trade. How stupid are people?

  7. i know people who do MLMs. it's all they do. They are addicted to it. it must work for them. Tactic is probably start as many as possible and hope one takes off. Seems to have worked for friends. Never has for me. I am not adequate at sellin it

  8. This really is the truth, noticed it myself with the broker fondex. More interested in recruiting other people than teaching how to trade forex. Thanks for spreading this !

  9. In my opnion: Forex is not a vehicle for MLM.
    When over 99% of people that want to learn Forex fail, MLM real bad.

  10. Respect. I agree with 90% of what Nick said. Some, do focus too much on recruiting. And it’s frustrating. Great thing about IM Mastery Academy is you can be recruited by someone and out earn them through trading. You DON’T have to recruit with IM Mastery Academy!!! Just plug in to the system learn FOREX and make your money. If you enjoy the product, share it with someone. And IM Mastery Academy will give you a kickback. What’s so wrong with that? You post YouTube videos and YouTube places ads (marketing) that get you to recruit people for companies. Though indirectly, you still get paid off those ads. So in my mind, The whole system we operate under is a MLM. People are too focused on a few bad seeds and not the awesome value IM Mastery Academy provides as a educational platform. Just my opinion. Love Nicks channel and I watch you frequently. Awesome guy

  11. If you dont want to bring people in you can learn and pay for the education for aslong as you need it. You may spend a total of 1000 to 2000 over a 6month to 1 year span if you need the education that long or you can even keep it longer. It's just investing in yourself. The key is to get in and learn how to trade and if you do you would probably want to bring people in because you know the product worked for you.

  12. You can learn forex on IML but they do give you the option to sell there products. There products are for trading so I really dont get why your talking about these forex MLM companies. Forex is being introduced to people who normally wouldn't have learned forex if it wasn't for MLM. IML in particular good for beginners not so much for people who already know how to do forex unless they want to make money bringing in people which is ok.

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