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Forex Mentors Arrested For $22 Million Scam | Sandile Shezi, Cashflow Ngcobo, Louis Jr Tshakoane

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Forex Mentors Arrested For $22 Million Scam | Sandile Shezi, Cashflow Ngcobo, Louis Jr Tshakoane


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  1. I am kenyan and i have been following cashflow for while but i had sneaky feeling he is full of shit….. thank for confirming my suspicion.

  2. Initially I couldn't understand what you were saying, but then I listened carefully, and YEP, you were SPEAKING ENGLISH!

  3. who is responsible for this video? cannot even pronounce their surnames? who r you

  4. I am so glad these forex guru are being called out so many people are losing money on IG, Telegram it's crazy. Just the other day here in the states some lady deposited 30K with a lady who told her she would trade & do account management for her. After 30 days the lady found out the forex trader who she trusted with her money blew her acct and just like that she lost 30k. Just like that money gone given to a total stranger/scammer instead of giving people your hard earned money just learn and trade and do it yourself.

  5. People always complain about the same problem scam

    Just know that your ignorance is someone else's profit

  6. How did sandile shezi defraud those people? If you invest your money in somebody. You can loose or win

  7. Forex brookers are all scams..
    They trade against you and you will always lose more than you win…you win…..
    People are cowards, and won't admit that it's all a scam……
    They really need to exposed…
    I will start exposing all of them people that push forex.
    Start putting bounty on them…. And record them .

  8. It is up to the investor to conduct a thorough investigation before depositing any funds to a company account, especially promising a high return.

  9. Surely it wasn't them or even if it was them,they blew that money, that's how it works…you should learn to trade for yourself and lose R500k yourself. Be wise

  10. Forex traders should just leave people alone and mind their business, who ever wants to trade learn and mind your business too

  11. I have been learning forex since 2022 under sandile shezi's company not a single he told somebody to deposit money in his account instead he tells not to do it its a scam runned by bogus Nigerians, you yourself are a foreigner trying to make money here online with our data, you don't know what are talking about sandile shezi is a real deal he makes a difference in people's life and how about you. Guys guys my foot

  12. No one cares about your money more than you do.Learn to earn.The best investment is you.Invest in yourself.

  13. All those investors knew they can loose all their investments if the trades go wrong or what eva

    But still gave them money now that everything is not so good they start using words like scam defraud…

  14. All those pple who think giving other pple money to trade for them will make money are very stupid thy deserve it…. Do u thnk there is someone out ther who wants u to make money…. Very stupid indeed continue donating.. Salute to th scammers

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