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🔴 Forex Live Trading Room No.207 | How To Trade | Urdu Hindi Learning

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Forex Live Trading & Learning Room
opening Time: GMT+5 2:00PM in London Session
Closing Time 6:00pm in New York Session Daily Monday to Friday
Speaker / Trainer Mr.Wali Fx
Professional Forex Trader and trainer (Since 2008)
Expert Analyst Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment

1. Expert Pivot point trading Strategy
2. Expert Rsi reading & Divergence trading Strategy
3. Expert Trend Lines Trading Strategy
4. Expert Historical support & Resistance trading (S.&.D) Strategy
5. Expert 12 candlestick Pattern trading Strategy
6. Expert M.A cross over – P.A – E.V and few More strategies etc…
7. Expert Market Technical Structure

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Risk Disclaimer:
This program is for educational purposes only
This program is not a signal service. Nor is it investment advice. There is more risk in trading and you can lose more than your investment. The information provided on this platform is for educational purposes only, but remember that it is not a licensed trainer. It only shares what it has learned, understood, and gained experience in the trading industry over the years. The method described herein does not guarantee any results and the Author can not be held responsible for any losses or damages in any account. Therefore, whatever is taught and taught here should be practiced only on a trial-demo account.


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  1. important notes: wali baba taught about slow days of market where preference is to avoid taking long moves, gave example for order block, taught about strength of move after the channel break, importance of candle stick pattern being present on correct s/r level, discussed on recent fundamental news.

  2. market slow hony ke waja say itna maza nahen aya.lekin 4 hour strategy closing candle say main to kafi loss say bach gia hoon,boht he aaala qisam ke powerfull strategy hay,almost 95% work ker rahi……
    thanks ustad e mohtram

  3. جب 2 time frame (h1,h4) میں ایک ہی جگہ sma50 کا test ہو رہا ہو تو یہ بہت strong test ہوتا ہے لیکن forex market میں کسی بھی چیز کو %100 نہیں سمجھنا چاہیے
    جزاک اللّہ خیر سر

  4. Yes sir bill kul theek ik tokry me sary andy nahi rakny forex k sath apni job or apna kaam phaly phir forex nice sir good lesson

  5. Asalamo alakum sir Great Brain washing in Forex only Forex nahi multiple sourrce of income bnao Hardwork kro aur Bamba Strategy ko follow kro sir AP ki learning sa Bara confidence up hota ha Love u sir

  6. Monday, November 01, 2021; Episode No.207. Masha Allah another nice session of learning. 1= A person should get multiple skilled and try not to rely on one source of income specially not to rely 100% on Forex. 2= When market starts moving sideways or it moves very slowly then patience is the best way to get a good trade later on. 3= This business is the biggest business and one of the most risky industries in the world that is why Sir is going to train us on fundamentals too but slowly and gradually on other/news channel. 4= On Eur / Usd Unverified resistance level, ranging level and also correction level got identified and its next possible move was highlighted (a must watch portion= 01:06:25). 5= If S/M/A 50’s H 1 and H 4 test meets on a single point, that test may be a successful test but meanwhile it’s break must be observed too because there is nothing called 100% in this business. 6= Market movement was observed during I S M news and meanwhile volume based method was also observed on gold and a learning purpose trade was placed and on the break it was manually closed too because rule must be followed. 7= Channel on gold was drawn and its waves were mentioned on M 30 time frame. 8= Some important levels of Gold were identified. 9= Usd/Jpy free zone and also historical resistance levels were highlighted.10= Oil possible upside move and it’s free zone was mentioned.11= Gbp/Usd O.B zone was explained. 12= On Gbp/Usd pair a candle of engulfing patron, it’s trade and it’s stop loss according to its rule was explained on H 4. Thank you Sir for another live learning with practical.

  7. shukriya sir g ye to aap ne sahi kaha ke forex ke alawa koi kaam bhi karna chahiye
    aur ab aur bhi maza aayega Q ki fundamental ko bhi sikhne ka moqa mile ha

  8. Sir aj bhi mashaallha acha lactuer mila par sir ap hum logo ko news se rok ty ho par aap 80% news trade utha ty ho win hoty ho hum sirf ap ko dekhty hy

  9. SESSION 207

    Today market was slow but it does not mean we did not learn every session of sir wali is always helpfull with lit of infirmation this session gave us insights of news relating to PMI and ISM…. Even in slow market our close to perfect strategy gave us very nice trade in gold. slow market also remainded us that hiw important wait is in trading you need to wait for trade setups very patiently….

    Allah sir ko lambi aur khushiyu bhari zindagi atta karen AMEEN

  10. salam sir g
    sir g aj market slow th is ky bwajood hum nay setups ko dekha time ko dekha aur fundamental news ky bry main jo video dusry chanel p th us ka btya gya aur bki volume trade li gae aur as ususal bki sb ky sb setups ka btya gya aur sb say bri chez jo sekhi hai wo yhe hai ky market main falto main nh qood jna chahiya wait krna chahiya theak setup ka aur theak move ka
    bki ALLAH ap ko ajar dy great teaching

  11. Sir aj ke stream mein bohat kuch sekhny ko mila khas kr jb market slow ho tou trade ka wait kia jy jb tk koi acha setup na mily or trading k sath sath koi or business bhe ho mzeed volume or channel k hwaly se bhe behteri ae.

  12. To Day Market Is Slow But It Is Important To Wait In The Market So The Same People Can Win In The Market.

  13. Aaj Kia seekha
    Jab bhi market 50 SMA ko h1 and h4 MN test Kar rahi ho to wahan se reject ho gi

  14. Today market slow ha waiting for the trade setup with patience and never depend on this market only or bhi side business hone chahye taky future secure or safe rhy great learning today….

  15. Today Session # 207
    Today's market is very slow because this week has big fundamental news. In the gold Bamba setup, I enter for buy practice and win 175 Pips. On news time we see volume in gold. Sir going to make fundamental series on the 2nd channel. after the news Sir analyses all our trading pairs. Thank Sir

  16. assalam o alakum sir g aaj usd jpy ko analis keya gya season time table ke malomat mile Voluem kam howa baqe bohat se malomat mile jnab ka shukrya KHUDA AAP KO SLAMAT RKHE AAMEEN

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