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FOREX HOLY GRAIL: Never Lose Again Trading Forex

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In this video, I will show you the real holy grail when it comes to forex trading. It’s probably not what you expect, but its definitely the most overlooked aspect when it comes to new traders starting out with their first accounts.








  1. If u have an $100 a/c , trade on 5min. T.F.with lot size 0.01 & SL 20 pips with open tgt.With this ur risking only 2% of ur a/c per trade : 0.01*10*20=$2.So in case ur SL is hit u only lose $2 out of ur $100.So for a complete blowout if ur SL gets hit 50 times continuously u go bust & that is impossible.U can trade the ICHIMOKU or M.A.crossovers (i trade ICHIMOKU) as per its rules , which also gives u rallys even on lower T.Fs.Also on $100 a/c better to trade a single pair with only 1 trade at a time , so in this way u can gradually grow ur a/c more easily.HAPPY TRADING & GOD BLESS.

  2. A 1:3 ratio is definitely the minimum you should aim for to be successful. And if your strategy has a trailing stop loss by the time your trade reaches a 1:1 ratio, you'll never lose when price reverses.

  3. can i view COT data report like the way we view forexfactory if i can what is the site,clement from nigeria

  4. Hello how about live trading demo, lets see what you are really capable of !!. Scalp 15 minute trades for 30 minutes

  5. Make a video on Perfect entries….as in like things to look at when opening a position

  6. Please make a video on how to place entries and determining probability of a swing trading on the lower time frames

  7. 1:54 a lot of traders don’t calculate their risk to reward ratio and that cost them all their trades eventually

  8. Hi sir. Can you please help me.. I want to avail your mentorship program. But i dont have enough money to avail that.. I want to be a professional trader. Please teach me sir..

  9. When setting up a trade how do you avoid being stopped out? Knowing the trend and being right in your entry, Market Makers have a strategy to take out your stops. Time and time again, you watch this play out, you enter the trade, MM's stop you out, then you watch the trade go in the direction that was anticipated. Your out of your position at a loss, including the exchange fees, which does add up over time.

  10. I am a paid subscriber and love your channel…could you please do a video on anchored VWAP? Thanks a lot

  11. I always appreciate your generosity regarding the information you freely give. Risk management is my weakest. Does Position Size Calculator determine where you have to place a SL too or only calculates Lot sizing? Please consider making a video on candlestick patterns too. Thanks so much for such informative videos. Stay indoors and be saved from this scourge of COVID 19. We can't afford to loose you. Cheers!

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