1. Cro hope off the backwoods and roll grabba leaf way more natural and not sprayed with flavouring but still hits rude

  2. Oh you know people be looking so by da way F*** ICT … Tradegang!!!!! Run me my bag.. No demo

  3. Yessir TY, keep them coming. I need more videos like this. Discipline is definitely what’s holding me back the most in this forex shit. I appreciate the knowledge and perspective.

  4. I've just learned this over the last few weeks. As a scalper, I used to want to "hold" and "be patience" and "let my trades run". Too often price would turn around and clobber my SL. Now, I'm about capturing 1to1s and letting a smaller lot size run if price decides to keep going in my direction.

    With my small 700 dollar account, my wins are now about 6 to 14 dollars. That used to feel small to me but lately I've been happy to secure some profit.. because I imagine when my account reaches 10k those $6 to $14 wins will be $60 to $140 wins. And that's f'ing amazing!

  5. Yo wit trail and stop u can walk away and do the money dance if u must hop back in get it. Bro gives the game like EA

  6. You didn’t clown dudes that ain’t have they phone bill money – and that’s why I hit the like button ✅

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