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Forever In Profit SCAM EXPOSED By No Nonsense Forex l Cue Banks (FOREX SCAMS) FX Summit 2022

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Forever in profit EXPOSED
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No Nonsense Forex Exposes Cue Banks And Forever In Profit Scam That’s Been Going On For Over 5 Years Now…Fx Summit 2022

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  1. Start showing some actual facts. All these “scam” video makes no sense and yet no one can come Forth and say I’ve scammed them. It’s called educating the uneducated.

  2. Real forex trades make 10 to 20% a year who trade for the bank you can make it but not get rich

  3. You are the Fraud man.
    Grow up and have some respect before blaming others for your own failures.

  4. They make actual money trading. No doubt. But if they have the skill.. to teach the masses.. of course they’re going to take advantage and charge for their course and grow their wallets

  5. A real trader don’t care about other traders, They make his or her money and lives life. Period.

  6. Some people will get it in 5 months & some will get it in 5 years. Never give up. You can kill these markets and make 6 figures easily. Don’t let these videos discourage you

  7. I was in IML back in 2016. I quit because I wanted to learn how to trade, not market or have people trade for me. I eventually signed up for wallstreet academy, cue's section in Forever in Profit, and learned more than I have anywhere else. Fxsummit is a convention, not a recruiting event. You guys are clowns posting this video lol.

  8. He just sells a course for 750 bucks. I’m sure that you know that 95% of people who even create a broker account is never successful. You’re just making the point that majority of people who attempt to trade will NEVER make it. Doesn’t mattter who’s course they buy or don’t buy.

  9. Well this has to be one of the Clearest Examples of when someone Hates to see someone else succeed in something they only dream of. I only know about Cue, the other guys there should not be in the same Video as Cue. I understand you need the views in your channel so you put his name here. I never met him, nor do I know him. I have followed him for a while. I will be the first to admit that the beginning, I made a ignorant judgment thinking he is making all his money on selling classes or training. I see you are focused on years ago when he was getting started. What you failed to mention, that when someone put in the hours and hours, what will happen is growth! Maybe in 2015 he was just getting out there, using social media, or training to fund accounts etc.. (Maybe, I dont know for sure). As you can see and FAIL to admit, that because of his hours of actually putting his earnings in play, now you see the results. His results are in shown in his lifestyle. IF you think that a few classes a year and a youtube/instagram channel pays for his lifestyle, then you are truly just HATING on other people's success. I don't know you, but I can bet you are selling something. I am sure you trying to profit in some way here. I know by my typing here is probably what you want, but you really need to give respect and props to those who will put there money where their mouth is. Maybe he doesn't show losses. Its probably not that important to him. He knows the public has not put in the hours, sweat, and time to be able to see RED. He keeps his courses small, and can very easily fill a hotel banquet room of 200 people plus per class. He keeps it small so he can make sure people get what they came for. I live here in Fort Lauderdale, Never met him, but I can tell you that his lifestyle is not fake and not paid for by a class a few times a year. SO again, this a true example of Someone like you not being able to give someone credit for Something you can only dream of doing. Nothing wrong with Cue wanting to share his lifestyle, and get some attention.

  10. The above name has been the just one getting me money since the very first moment of Coronavirus lockdown…

  11. The above name has been the just one getting me money since the very first moment of Coronavirus lockdown…

  12. I also learned that Cue is part owner of Hugosway, there’s also another broker he created I don’t remember the name. I was about to sign up but decided not. Maybe an hour or two later, the brokerage company was emailing asking if I was having a problem signing up. I knew that was red flag from the jump.

  13. The real traders Trade and don’t try to sell it. You are On your own in the market. Risk management!

  14. thanks for making this just goes to show who do you trust in these markets it makes me so mad when all i try to do is learn how to trade and make a living to provide for my family and all you do is get mislead by everyone this industry is full of scams and losers honetly i find the best way to about learning to trade is on your own and finding something that works for you thanks again bro

  15. Lol why are you guys always about this guys
    There success makes so much noise and you people choose to find everything scams
    Somehow and discouraging people

  16. Great video. There's lots of stuff on my channel about the guy you put in your last video, Zed Monopoly and his band of merry scammers. Getting caught using demo accounts, faking withdrawl statements, lots of stuff. Feel free to use anything you want from there if you ever want to make a video about them. Keep up the good work

  17. Guys, the longer my journey in Forex goes on, I learn why you need to unfollow these guys, study good material and mind your own business. Assess your losses and use them as learning points. Be grateful for your profits and take the bag. Just remember this thing takes time. Grow steadily and don't rush ahead!

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