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LIVE FOREX STREAMS everyday Monday to Friday from 6:30AM EST – 9AM EST. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask any questions or post charts for feedback. Please keep in mind this stream is for educational purposes ONLY.


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  1. 13:20 until 24:25 Ted gold + asian session plan + london session + how reversal would look like + the next hour candle of the previous candle (fomc candle)

    32:36 Ted about market uncertainty about first time rate hike after years + no one know what Powell will say yet + the actual move + think in your opponent shoe

    34:55 until 36:26 Ted gold why is this a good position to be in

    37:10 Ted + learn patience + trend will not be only 1 candle + plan ahead dont ask where will we go + candle moving isnt a break + Ted mark up chart

    41:13 Don Gold

    42:37 Ted gold 5min timeframe (4h flip) + resistance formed + levels

    44:40 Don gold range 5min timeframe + position plan

    46:05 Ted what Powell speech talks about

    46:43 gold breaking (1H flip) Don + Wix + Don

    49:27 until 51:15 Ted what did we learn today + why u didnt need stop loss

    52:40 until 55:20 Ted literally gave everything how to trade gold + wait candle flip + reason + tell the story + plan the trade and when it comes, great

    57:40 Ted talk about chat always complain + have this kind of mentality instead of being a victim + Ted want you success + social media is just a mess + car lease social media marketers

    1:08:36 until 1:17:20 Don gold + candle closure + Ted random talks + talk about liquidity provider + slipped + gme + robinhood + reality of financial market + Ted shared a link at chat

    1:18:51 Ted rate increase does nothing for the USD except now drive it up, 1900 is the bottom? + 1924 + FOMC vs War Vs inflation + the best part of retail trading + each community is like a planet + how good community will push each other to be better

    1:23:18 Ted gold 1914 + Don why Ted said 1914 + Daily timeframe

    1:26:45 until 1:30:18 Don gold + Ted gold 5min support zone for the Low for the next candle + Ted mark up chart + stop loss + dont take a trade until confirmation is here + Don buy stop

    1:33:30 Don gold buy stop plan 1:38:40 Wix 5min timeframe closure for the buy stop until 1:39:45 buy stop activated + sl + tp

    1:40:40 Ted gold experience + that 15min Low may get visited again for the next 15min candle + we may get another drive down then only drive up on the new 15min candle

    1:42:10 Don buy gold plan on securing

    1:42:30 Ted on 1min candle has created support + information to not be nervous in your trade

    1:43:08 Don's buy trade secured + BE

    1:45:02 until 1:46:55 Ted on 15min candle as liquidity grab candle + trust on hourly candle + 2nd half of the hourly candle + how gold screw people

    1:48:05 Ted trade total called out, entry, exit, this is what happen when u are calm

    1:49:28 Ted gold daily + tomorrow + you planned your trade, stops, TP, no issues

    1:50:46 this is how trading should be + if this happens then i will do this, but right now i sit and wait instead of "buy now sell now" + staying calm + wix talk about people are stuck on lower timeframe too much + trust the higher timeframe + great thing of being a retail trader + how to improve if you didnt take any trade + it doesnt hurt to sometimes be lucky but dont do that too often + we are against daily how is this possible + fundamental + accept raw responsibility on yourself on every decision

    1:54:04 Ted talk about if people sit with him and they will be profitbable + mindset after win + this is how he trade + no secret sauce, variable is different everyday, idea is the same, application of information is the same, how u able to understand whats currently happening + trading is that simple, you done early, thats great now u can do other stuff + what about more opportunity, doesnt matter + mentality + the real definition of stop loss (you place ur stop loss and u dont want it to get hit at all, its to protect u from sudden flash crash then u wouldnt lose entire account) + Wix + Don + Ted 26pips was the lowest drawdown + dont be so rigid for R;R SL + your 30pips R;R may already wrong but u held cuz u want the reward but its already going against you, dont be so rigid + ted gold exprience + let your trade to breathe , if ur stop loss at 10 and you close at 12 or you take profit at 10 but u take at 8 + positive trade outcome / positive progress + do i really need a stop loss + speeding analogy + dont be so hard on yourself + Wix

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