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Fallout 76 Role Play – S2-Ep. 46: Robos Go Boom

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Fallout 76 Role Play – S2-Ep. 46: Robos Go Boom

Thank you for watching my let’s play of Fallout 76! In this video series me and some friends will attempt to role play as heavily as possible in a game that doesn’t treat role players kindly.

In this Episode: Keren, Jack and Mac head back to Penny, while John and Kade continue their search for Ra-Ra, getting themselves into all kinds of trouble.


Credits (in order of appearance):

Keren Nash – Wasteland Dovahkiin
John Nash – Dink Meeker
Jack Williams – Darthmaulian
Mac Garibaldi – JoeDaFalloutNoob
Kade Riggs — DeaconCross67

Recorded by Wasteland Dovahkiin using OBS software
Gaming Platform – Xbox One

Edited by Wasteland Dovahkiin

This series is made possible by supporters on Patreon

Music in the intro and outro is “Take Me Home, Country Roads” from the Fallout 76 Official Soundtrack.


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  1. John’s Voice Male: I’m sorry I can’t answer right now I’m turning up my Armor or cleaning my guns I am most definitely not fighting a really big robot, please leave a message.

  2. Well, at least John's got a start on a new set of power armor. Or a new mask for Halloween 2022.

  3. That was an interesting cliffhanger. I can't wait till the next episode to see what John does.

  4. I like this back and forth between John’s quest and Karen’s quest.

    And John and Cade, these 2 are a trip together. They make a great pair as far as one is just as crazy as the other.

    Also I forgot it has been so long ago with RaRa, maybe they will grant access to the rest of that steel power armor , next year.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Another great episode, the interaction between John and Cade is very good they make a great team. John looked crestfallen when his power armour went missing.

  6. Some people don't realise how much work it is to do this kind of content. I realy apreciate your work and talent to rp, specialy in Fallout 76. Some parts are scripted and some aren't but you adapt to those situations and for that you guys are real good RPers. Keep up the good work, because the story is getting better and better. Thank you.

  7. Your editing and cinematography is so good. I am very impressed by how this aspect has grown since she start of the series. Love it.

  8. Great job on the video! That was a big surprise at the end where his power armor got stolen. Keep doing this series. It’s amazing!

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