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Fake MT4 Profits EXPOSED: How Forex Gurus are Scamming You.

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  1. Daaaammmnnn…..not surprised though. We know 95% of "traders" out there aren't actually traders but salesmen.

  2. If you’re not gonna name drop then why make the video? You’re not saving anyone from these scammers. If you’re gonna expose people EXPOSE THEM don’t just make these videos for clout. Anyone could easily fake a call and say all that. Without a name of who’s doing it then this video is just click bate.

  3. Hello Nick, I would like to have your opinion on the deriv broker. Do you think it's a good broker?

  4. So offshore brokers are trying to gain more business by offering popular You Tubers incentives to use their Platform and I'm supposed to be worried? The only thing that should worry anyone is the YouTubers who want you to join their group at a substantial fee. In fact, anyone who is claiming to be a badass trader and is supposedly making huge profits wouldn't and shouldn't be offering a paid course. Why waste the time? I can think of one gold trader I suspect of this. He likes older cars for a hint and talks suave. He supposedly will make a million in a week sometimes but he wants you to pay for his course lol. Stay safe people and don't join a paid program. there's enough on youtube to learn what you need to succeed. That's the only shortcut you need. It's all easy anyway!! The only hurdle is emotions…good luck with that!!

  5. Robinhood although audited is owned by 3rd parties not disclosed. Cease trading wheneve it suits.

  6. i saw this in an documentary on national geographic…and these kinds of kinds were running these kinds of scams in Isreal

  7. Most of those regulated brokers you mentioned are only open to Americans or countries in Europe. Give us a few names of non-American brokers, for instance XM Global, Forex Time and so on coz you have a global following.

  8. Hi, @tradernick this is so eye opening. Thank you. Do you know about HF Markets previously Hot Forex? Is this a good broker. From my due diligence I've seen they're a NDD broke and regulated in several countries including the UK. Just looking for more reviews from traders.

  9. Hii nick, i was blowing up my balance with a trade in mt5, so when i try to make a withdraw they start took 4 time fees to get my withdraw, is legit or not?

  10. also there are feeds you can get for regulated brokers that show live feeds and are not real ICT showed this in 1 of his vids so not true its just offshore brokers

  11. yeah there are loads of fake profiles and platforms that offer this its important to do you due diligence on every thing forex and trading

  12. You know what, I think you faking the ''brokers's voice. If he offred you such a deal you should share with us his real voice and the Company's name this way you protected everyone. Instead you just talk talk talk and talk and we supposed to just trust your own words? come on man

  13. Most youtube trading gurus are 100% fake. They hide behind tradingview. Never showing actual trades in live accounts

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