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Easy & Profitable Trading Strategy For Beginners (Forex, Stocks and Crypto)

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In today’s video, I want to share an easy and profitable Forex Trading Strategy that I came across years ago when I first became a professional trader. This forex trading strategy has been a pivotal part of my own success. That is the reason I want to share it with you today in this video in hopes that this easy trading strategy will help you reach your forex trading goals. Enjoy!

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In this video, Steven shares what currency pairs you should focus on if you are a beginner in Forex Trading.
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He is the founder and CEO of The Trading Channel.

For over a decade, Steven has studied the science of trading and psychology. This combination allows him to not only be an incredible trader, but a very understandable teacher as well.

He has developed numerous rules-based trading systems and strategies that are used by top traders around the world.

Today, Steven is on a mission to help 1,000 traders become independently profitable over the next 12 months. Will you be one of them?

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  2. You're a great teacher. I've taken courses through platforms I won't name. All of their videos don't compare to how well you teach. I love it, I've gained great understanding watching just one of your videos. Amazing. I hope you get wealthy!

  3. hi you very excellent description but i have question how can find best symbol for trade automatically?

  4. Trading is like motorsports. You need to st up for the next corner to get a good entry and exit.

  5. <BTC truly is a class of its own, it has no competitors. All the other alts are competing with each other, they are more centralized, and the majority of them are not completed projects. I can't believe it when I hear people selling their btc for doge lol, that why I trade with the best analysts since the last bear which I attain maximum success through Debbie Carlson .

  6. You’re just like that one friend who explains everything before the exam better than the teacher

  7. Steve you made video on 22nd and said you waiting for pattern to form on 4h candle AUD/USD ,but you posted the video on the 26th ?

  8. Has anyone been on this guys course? Seems like his YT videos are really helpfull just wondering whether or not to invest in his course ?…..

  9. I’ve just watched 4 different videos of yours about how to trade double bottoms/tops and head and shoulder/inverse and you place your stop loss in different places on all of them. Why? On one vid you place SL a few pips above the candle that breaks the neckline. On another you place it above the shoulder. Another you place it above the head (with no mention of the OTZ). And another you place it outside the OTZ. How is this objective? If it’s subjective how do you decide? Market sentiment? Are these all different variations of the same strategy to be better dependent on which pair you’re trading? Please let me know. I watch ALL your videos

  10. After countless of hours reading and watching videos. I think today my overall attitude played a huge part in understanding 100%. I can’t wait to implement this strategy

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