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Easiest Best Pocket Option New Strategy For Newbie – Binary Options Trading

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Hello guys, in this in this video I will reveal to you again the new easiest strategy to trade with pocket option Binary Options Trading. so far this is my number one most recommended strategy for beginners. pls, make sure you watch this video all through the end to grab all the details.

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  1. I want a video of Hello Brother Market Analysis

  2. When you change strategy, is it because the previous one did not have the same effectiveness?

  3. I also Added the 30 Ema from your previous Sar strategy because sometimes the 170 looks like its not doing anything lol both together kinda work

  4. Thank you for all the effort you put into making these videos. I had a couple of questions:

    1. Can this strategy be applied to OTC markets?

    2. When you say that your success in trading can be attributed to "giving most of your time in analyzing and studying the market", do you use separate software to do so? If yes, which one?

  5. God bless you dear brother…your awsome startegys ..for a new beginners in a trading …god bless you

  6. How about making some videos on when you 'do your analyzing the market' so we can see every single thing you are looking for to make or not make a trade instead of fast-forwarding those parts of the video, sir. Thx

  7. You have to be really patient to find a good moment with this strategy but once you do… ITM!

  8. I’d like to talk with you sometime and thank you for what you taught me the past 2 years of me watching your account. I am now able to make around $100-$250 a day, I started last week after practicing on the demo for some time, and took everything I learned to use. I personally don’t like these indicators but I use 30 sec candles, stochastic on 80-20 with rsi on 70-30. I use these two indicators with well respected support and resistance and only after I analyze the market to see if it’s a big up trend or down trend. I don’t like to trade those markets because there’s 1 trend but no knowing when there will be a fake out. If you are a beginner and are reading this, DONT TRADE ON OTC. If you win against them, take your wins and run. The otc markets are very difficult to trade.

    I started last week with a $50 account and traded it to $700+. I already withdrew $300 on the brokers, because it’s my favorite thing to do. I took a shitty $200 loss last night, becauseeeee, I was trading OTC. But today I am up $100. You have to know when to stop trading, take your losses, or wins, and just stop trading. If you make more than 20% in a day, call it a GREAT day. If you double it, even fucking better. But know when to stop. My mentor taught me a good saying to remember this when I trade, and it goes like this.

    “Be a pig, be a little greedy, a little fat. But never be too greedy, because hogs get slaughtered.”

    Remember that when you trade. Don’t get slaughtered in the markets. Have a trading goal for the day, and don’t make it outrageous either depending on your account size.

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