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Join the Drip Network team:

Buddy address: 0x6adCB3cA4e1932A74691BC563b427dc3FdDc3fAc

Once you’ve clicked the link, on the faucet, scroll down to Get A Buddy. If in the buddy section, it displays the address, you’re good to go. Now you need to deposit at least 1 drip, and you’ll be apart of the team. If, under Get A Buddy, it doesn’t display an address, copy the address part of the link above, enter it in the section where you can paste the address, click update. Now it should display that wallet address in the get a buddy section. You’re good to go! Now just do the same and deposit at least 1 drip, which is the minimum for Drip Network to get started with the 1% per day, referral downstream earnings and airdrops!

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  1. Thanks man, do you know what the other projects that forex shark developed? I know of drip and manor farm but maybe there is another?

  2. not saying this in a combative way, but i think the selling is due to players making LP tokens (BUSD/DRIP) so they can get ready for the animal farm on tues, the sooner you make your LP token the more BUSD you'll get from selling

  3. Never been in a project like drip before. I put in $3500 a week ago, and with daily compounding that original $3500 is no $5800 and making me $58/day. I’m just going to keep compounding and grow!

  4. Joined drip w/ $250 @ 40/drip. Feels like a ponzi but i can pull out the seed and let it ride.

    Love for you to talk about the sustainability of a 365% APY token (higher with compounding).

  5. Looking to invest in drip in a couple days when my deposit finally clears. Should I get in now or wait for a pullback with animal farm getting off?

  6. keep it up with the drip content… this is just warming up and Forex is building a whole ecosytem to leverage drip so holders have no reason to sell it EVER

    missed the AMA earlier so im anxiously waiting on you to post it

    drip forever!!

  7. Could you ask Forex if he can take over Wonderland? I really believe the project had potential but it was just run by the wrong people (sifu). Even Dani was deceived but his vison was good

  8. please ask forex,? what are his vision if how long drip can be sustain for later investors if no new investor buying drip..

  9. Are you not the same person who invested in jade? My personal opinion is that drip is a scam just like Ring, Jade, metaverse pro, and so on. Please stop promoting those scams where people loose money and eventually loose confidence in the beautiful crypto market.

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