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Does FOREX FURY Work? | Part 1 – The Set Up…

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this is the video where I found my settings:

Link to the POW EA:
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*Disclaimer* past results are not indicative of future results. This is not financial education; this is for entertainment purposes only. I accept no responsibility in others choosing to replicate anything seen in this video. Only trade money you can afford to lose. Forex robots can be inconsistent, and it is always best to educate yourself and trade manually.

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  1. Wasted my money on Forex Fury. I didn't even bother asking for money back. A lot of small wins, 1 lose will wipe your it. You pretty much have to test it and configure it. Even then, it is not profitable, been using it for almost 2 months. Don't waste your money.

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  3. hello good day, I have a question regarding lot size for ftmo 10k account size with POW Banker EA. which lot size is advisable to use ? do you have any suggestion ? many thanks !

  4. I had been trying to make this work since I purchased it in 2019. It makes a lot of small gains, but then the few large losses wipe the gains completely and also eat into your capital.

    I am currently looking for an EA that can help me pass funded challenges. FFury has been very bad at it, because of its large drawdown.

    And overall on my demo accounts where FFury runs, I noticed that if it predicts the trend incorrectly, it makes a massive loss which is hard to recover from.

    The official default settings from their website do not really work as well as the creators claim it should. I tried those. I also tried to tweak the settings, ran tests during different times of the day, with different RRR's – same result. Large losses wipe out many small gains.

    Let's see if you can come up with something ))

  5. Anyone pass any challenges lately with any EA? I have tried 3 EAs so far and none are even coming close unfortunately

  6. Forex fury is the worst EA on the planet dont even bother wasting your breath on this total crap.thanks for your other vids

  7. I have these ea , it's good for long term not short term, I see you set only range trade , it will take 1 to 3 trades per month

  8. Can you test Automated EDGE strategy of POW trading ? I think it’s interesting too

  9. Nice video Master.
    Me and a buddy have been considering buying that EA

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