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Day In The Life – Ep. 10 – BDR Can't Rip A Wall Properly…

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Back again today with another episode of day in the life. This is episode 10 of the series, featuring the best damn roofer and tomato mike!!

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  1. I would fire any of my guys for smoking on that roof. Yal gona burn the damn house down!!!!

  2. Dildo what's with the guy techno music the BDR showed u how to roof pretty good I would put my pay check up against yours that I would smoke you on the roof any section any size or pitch

  3. I know your boss is just fuckin around with me whole big time shit but I bet your days are never fuckin boring lmfaoo

  4. It must be the best to work with B.D.R or work for him. I would love to do that if my knees would let me it would be awesome.

  5. Not tryin to b a dick but what happened to ur top row of teeth u look to young to have ur teeth missin like that. Just noticed in this video when u were smiling

  6. U should slip some laxatives in BDR'S coffee, the video him shitting his brains out an bust his balls! Take the toilet paper out of the shitter to so he cant wipe his ass! That will teach him to not fuck with you

  7. hey man i noticed on another vid you said to nail the red line, but on these shingles you are nailing below the red on a white line. is it just different shingles? sorry if im confused im also color blind

  8. Read the labels instead of crumpling them up and throwing them on the ground like your boss! Big time!!!

  9. Average roofer is a girl, nailed his first shingle incorrectly(2nd to last nail to close to seam)this will leak and put an extra nail in it to top it off lol but good work so continue..

  10. You're fucken nailing in the stagger lines dilldo.
    Get your nails 3" away from the butt ends. average

  11. Fuck the BDR and his weak ass editing ! Teach that Neanderthal how to use a phone / computer .

  12. I do copper standing seam slate anything so better then your average bud I actually sent her pics over email I'm the real deal son

  13. What's up with no ice and water and shingling over nails laying on substrait rookie shit there kermit

  14. Love your videos sir!!! Much more detail on how you do things.. keep up the good work!! BDR is a piece of work.. lol ps. I don’t think your a average roofer 😉

  15. Dam homie thats an old fucking roof! If you dont give me a like fuck you ! Lmao your trying to come up and i respect that brother! Lol Get it in!

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