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DANIEL of FOREX BULLS says he earns 2 milloins a DAY through trading online.

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Multimillionaire Daniel gives tips on how to earn money through forex with minimum loss.



  1. Good morning Mr Daniel , am mbonimpa Herbert from southern Western Uganda Kisoro district , wanted to start trading and I would want you to be my mentor , plz guide me I badly want to invest, which platform can I use and how can I register.

  2. this is a scam! if a person discovers an easy way to make money, why not make the money quietly, why create a youtube video! they make from offering the useless courses not from trading!

  3. There are so many big forex traders in Uganda, let's say Daniel is the only one who is open to the public. The rest of us are low key. .. it's amazing to see Daniel represent us.

  4. Hi, please translate some of your discussion points made in your language to english.

  5. Bro well done you inspire me all day in and out when ever feel like giving up bro I get to your updates and gain more energy bro be blessed mn

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