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  1. I started out trading forex last year and i must say it got better when i let Reed Cooper manage my trading profile definitely worth the investment

  2. The NBA player also spread it to another NBA player. That's the problem. You can spread it even when a person is asymptomatic. Why is everyone playing epidemiologist? Let the professionals do the medical stuff.

  3. Hey, just one question. After a break and retest, how do you get confirmation to enter the trade? Do you wait for it to just touch the resistance/support level, do you wait for some consolidation, or do you wait for a candle or two moving in the desired direction? I just found your channel today so I'm new here. Thanks

  4. Dump question. But all the vidoes you make would that implement in the EU stocks? im from eu so im wondering if the 1 day to 4 hrs time frames and your strategies and the way you trade, could i take all this onboard for eu trading? your a legend man !

  5. Ok, it's 04:21 AM and I just came up this guy.. and by reading all these comments I should go to sleep right now, forget about my negative thoughts about what should I do to make myself financincially proof in the future and wake up tomorrow fully energized to go through all of the videos of this guy! I'm excited!

  6. What’s up man love your videos, I want to get into trading and I’m super interested in forex but I’m hearing a lot of one world currency talk and idk if it’s true man let me know if you think covid 19 will cause the economic to collapse and then goin towards more a one world currency, I kno this sounds like some conspiracy bullcrap but plz tell what u think I kno it’s a dumb question lol

  7. This would b the most calm and peace message I have heard since the outbreak. Ahsanti sana man.

  8. I am reaching to thank expert trader David Haggard for managing my investment in forex trading as a beginner/first timer to trading and have never put a trade on in my life (am an electrician by trade) just been doing a lot of confirmation on my withdrawals over the last few weeks which are great. I have followed his management for the last few months and am very impressed with what i see, Mr David system looks incredible. Even from a beginners view it just seems easy to get involved with making consistent profit. He can be contacted for account management directly on whatsapp(+19284870044)

  9. What the hellllll is that noise at 1:30. Scared the SHIT out of me. Had to rewind 3 times and make sure it was from the video..

  10. Entering the Trading world is not easy, it is necessary to have a strong knowledge of what to do and a lot of free time to follow. I really lost a lot as a beginner. I saw several posts here and there about perfect strategies, but it all ended up being the same crap. But I didn't lose hope, I was referred to Mr. Noah Firmino, who is now my trading specialist / account manager. This man changed my situation from bad to GOOD! I made my first initial investment of $ 2,540 with him, which earned me a total profit of $ 31,540. I was shocked by the gains I made in my first Trade. He is the best Expert Trader, trust me and I advise anyone who has a loss in Trading to contact him via Whatsapp; +12097883347. Thank me later.

  11. I swear the free training video alone has helped me more than any other video Ive ever watched on forex. This guy is changing lives!!! Thank you. Still have a ton of demo to do but I’m on my way!

  12. Down to last chance. Feel dubious. And of course I am in NY where covid is dominant

  13. I'm sick, they won't test me but I have the symptoms and lack of symptoms for the flu or a cold. Could be pneumonia but I doubt it. It's not so bad. Just tired. Just don't spread this shit if you do get sick unless you want your grandma to die 😉

  14. Will the rise of Crypto end the Forex market if a 1 currency world comes about? Will FX only survive if countries keep their currencies?

  15. One thing I love about most forex traders I come across is that you can't even tell they are millionaires. Most are so humble.

  16. FOREX!! FOREX!!! FOREX!!!!
    Making sure profits from Forex trading with the current Corona virus and recession is all about involving a good productive and trusted broker .

  17. I'm with you on your views on the Rona. When do you think the markets will go back to normal? Also, what part of Texas are you from?

  18. I wanna say thanks for all your information I've learned more from you in the last 3 month s since I've watched your videos and following you on telegram. I'm not a paid client of yours but I've been able to take $23.50 and turn it into $1,600 in the last 7 weeks using the free information you've given out. Thanks again dude keep it up.

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