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Catch Every Move Using Supply And Demand | Forex | Institutional Strategy

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  2. I find that for intraday forex trading most important trend is ON 15 minute, 1h and 4h charts only– For intraday trading weekly & monthly trends do not matter much(too far removed from intraday field of activity) & can be ignored. For simplicity sake if 15 minute ,1h & 4h trends are in the same direction, you have a trade set up in the same direction (one could fine tune entry 0n 5 minute charts). In general if daily candle be in the same direction for any trade it is better but not A must.–Sir, what do you have to say?

  3. Thanks for sharing… Am really a great fan of trading with supply and demand zone….. Looking forward for your next videos

  4. Bro… Just post the link of you Instagram Page in description because there are 2 more accounts of the same name.

  5. So how exactly do you identify supply and demand? I didn't learn what supply and demand is. because all I see is you're marking areas where you see supply and demand but don't actully tell us what supply and demand looks like. You're marking areas where liquidity is taken out and then needing to fill out imbalance. Also that choch you marked wasn't a proper choch from what I see. a high and a low or a low and a high must be broken in order for it to be a choch.

  6. Bro I love the way you systematically break down price action. on your videos.. not complication

  7. Great video! Very interested to purchase your course. Would it be work with the crypto market?

  8. So basically you used the cha/char on the 5m to see the BOS, then went back to the 15m for entry, correct?

  9. You only got 4.4 k subscribers but your content deserves 4.4 million subscribers

  10. I believe that my issue with supply and demand has been that I've been trying to play every level instead of just playing the major levels.

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