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In November 2019 we spent 5 days riding the entire Southern California Backcountry Discovery Route and had a great time. The scenery is stunning and the weather was perfect.

We started in Yuma, AZ and rode all the way up to Benton, CA.

This video covers the entire route. Let us know in the comments if you’d like a bit longer version with more details and tips for the route.

The bikes are:
• BMW R1200 GS
• Ducati Multistrada 950
• Husqvarna 701 Enduro
• KTM 1190 Adventure R
• KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

Checkout the BDR website for more details and to download the GPS tracks:



  1. This video confirms why I like my 690 Enduro! lol Great job of editing. Well done.

  2. Amazing video, thanks for sharing. I need to get my skill level up some more so i can ride this route.

  3. Nice!! Did this by myself on a DR650 a couple years ago. Could you guys use another rider?

  4. Fantastic. I want to do this! First Ive seen of multistrada doing this type of terrain. Dual sport had the heavier bikes shaking their heads? That wouldve been me

  5. When the going gets tough the big bikes, are a handful and wear you out, light is right!!

  6. So great to see a Multistrada in the mix. Badass video. Looks like you guys had a great time

  7. Very nice video! A friend and I did some of this late November 2019 and snow kept us from getting over Cerro Gordo pass. Beautiful scenery though. Can't wait to get back and finish it.

  8. This is a great video! The editing was great! The footage was great! Thank you for sharing

  9. Great. Amazed to see multistrada on real off road. But looks like she did not perform well

  10. Lesson learned: When riding off-road – Light is right! Can imagine the dread the guys on the big rigs felt on some of those deep sand washes and gnarly rocky sections.

  11. Would like to hear the opinions of each rider’s bike. And if they would do it again with the same bike.

  12. Nice video of the route but your choice of music left a lot to be desired. Better off with no music and narration instead.

  13. What’s a demanding Trail however you guys became more skillful and look like a pros the days went by.

  14. Hey, kudos to you guys for having the cojones to get those monster adv bikes into some shit! Impressive, and quite the assortment. It's a hella lot easier to ride a smaller dirt bike in those conditions, sure…. but it's the bravery/stupidity to do it on a 600-plus-pound beast that makes this video. I have an R12GSA that I've taken a couple of gnarly places here in AZ, but some of that sand and stoney river crossing you did made me squirm. Nice filming. Wish a single shot would have lasted longer than 0.3 seconds on average… I thought I was going to have a seizure… but well done regardless.

  15. Holy crap, someone actually took a Multistrada (that they own) off-road! Beautiful footage, and nice edits. The guy on the Husky was definitely happiest with his choice of bike for this. All that sand looks gnarly.

  16. Note to self- learn to ride deep sand before doing this. Also, glad I have a TE610 and not a big ol ADV bike.

  17. How did the Multistrada perform there? Has been the first time I've seen one on "real" offroad

  18. Adventure bike and SoCal sand wash or rocky downhill… Hilarious!!! When 80% of the riding is <50MPH why have more than 350cc? KTM 350 exc for the win !

  19. Great video, planning to do this soon on my XR650L, choice confirmed by how well the Husky 701 was doing!

  20. Well done. They guy on the Husky has the right bike for this trail. I hope to finish it at end of 2022. Cheers.

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