Opções Binárias

BUSINESS UPDATE: Forex trading on the rise in Uganda

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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  1. Rating. Forex experience of this gentleman = just under 5%. As for the interviewer = very very close to 0%.

  2. Aarghh I wish I was the one interviewed, Dan has the knowledge but he needs to bring the realistic vibe out, 10$ just ain't enough, you will blow your account!!!….

  3. as a trader am pleasured that we are now considered as a business instead of thieves and illuminati…

  4. I agree before I learnt about the forex market I was confused but know with the right knowledge I make some good cash please stop the negativity people its a new era please

  5. When on side gains money another loses you are competing with the smartest disciplined people out there don’t think you will come with buy high sell low and think you’ll make money

  6. Ugandans wake up….you have another way to invest money as it's mentioned *forex trading…
    dont get confused it's not gambling or betting as mostly say…THIS IS A REAL BUSINESS…..if you still thinking that it's betting* kyova olaba mujja sigala nyo emabega

  7. Stepping in those waters is next to putting a rope in your neck. The young lad here doesnt trade at all, he simply wants to sell the "right the knowledge". But the would be "right knowledge" would accumulate him more wealth when applied in trading its self rather than selling it.

  8. Bro not criticizing but don't confuse people, no one can start trading with $10 even if $100 unless u have been in business for the past 20 years

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