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Building a Simple Dashboard in PowerBI Report | Timelapse

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Building a Simple Dashboard in PowerBI Report | Timelapse

In this timelapse (speed play) video, I show how to build a report or dashboard in Power BI Desktop. This will give you inspiration and ideas on how to create and design your own reports in PowerBI platform.

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We will be having videos of simple, easy-to-implement but definitely Amazing and Eye-catching Dashboard design in Microsoft PowerBI.

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  1. Content in this video is excellent but it is quite fast for some one to learn. It would be great if the speed was reduced. Thanks!

  2. This is a lot of work for some high level numbers, what if you just wanted to know the number of orders per state, and instead you just used a search bar to ask? Then you can drill down to the detail of each order to make a business decision…

    Dashboards are cool, but so where polyphonic ring tones at one point.

    Check out ThoughtSpot for where BI is heading.

  3. Great looking dashboard but more info needed on creating it using the source data.

  4. Oh ma mi vuoi dire come hai fatto a mettere le immagini senza sfondo??? Rapido grazie

  5. Thank you for tutorial. May I use your background for my project? It would be great if you give me the permission. Thank you in advance!

  6. Hi sir, very beautiful! I had one question, can i get the photoshop/.svg of the background page that you have created. If i needed to change the blue color to some other color or replace the image in the background

  7. Fantastic. really impressed.. thanks for sharing Ideas much appreciated..

  8. Hi !! Really a great video and i want to clarify one doubt. When we transform the data and make some changes to the data, these all the changes, may i know where it will be stored? Is there any storage thing for the modifications if we made(In transform data). If YES please tell me. Thanks in advance.

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