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Build Your Trading Robot | AJ Capital

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In this video, I will build in front of you from scratch a complete forex trading robot. I will use the metatrader 4 platform ( MT4 ) and the meta editor program. The trading language will be MQL4. As you will see in this video, automating you trading system or your trading strategy, is very simple. the learning curve here is short. This is also considered to be algorithmic trading, or what’s sometimes referred to as algo trading. In matter of face, expert advisor ( EA ), trading robot, trading bot, automated trading system, are actually all the same thing. it’s when you take your trading strategy and you automate it so that the orders get opened and closed automatically.
These same algos can be applied to crypto, cryptocurrencies, futures, stocks and indices.

Also, if you want a spot in the personal mentorship program, then email me at AJ@AJCapitalManagement.com

I actually made most of my money in money management, it’s like a hedge fund, I manage other peoples money and share the profit. I am the founder of AJ Capital Management.

So I found that MQL4 programming or coding language is the easiest language to master.

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automated trading is not that common yet, from the top of my mind I know few people who do it, these people include andrea unger from unger academy, and kevin davey.

As always, don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do, prove them wrong, and keep going.



  1. Hey I was wondering HOW DO I GET custom indicator that’s not preloaded into MT4 how would I bring that indicator code into the ea ?

  2. Awesome Bro very proud of you your just an inspiration that everything is possible in this world no matter howdown you fall u can really pull back Thanks Matte Cheers!!!!!

  3. Hi. Im having a problem try to build my EA robot. it tells me i have error. i tried following steps you gave out.

  4. I have a robot so can i edit or copy code from exit robot and how to acyivate serbo for real account trading

  5. Very interesting video. How would I go about automating a fractal indicator using the methods you have shown us? I would like the indicator to open and close positions every time an arrow shows up.

  6. Hi AJ. I would like to use the indicators for my robot but I'm puzzled on how I'm going to code the second indicator since its the RSI with levels. Can you please make a video of how one can code a robot to sell when a price hits the 80-90 level. Regards Percy

  7. I got a 1 error it's saying that 'if' expressions are not allow on a global scope can you help me with that

  8. Very clear explanation on how to code a trading robot in MT4. Can you indicate how to draw small lines for entry, SL, TP for manual trading. I know this is an auto trade video. I am just looking to code an Indicator on a similar concept. say cross above 50 MA so that the indicator will draw these lines at the cross above 50 ma.

  9. Before starting your adventure with FX and to limit losses, you should try the free forex robot, good luck.

  10. i gt a query to ask..if i dont specify

    if(Digits == 3 || Digits == 5) {

    TakeProfit = TakeProfit * 10;

    StopLoss = StopLoss * 10;

    which makes me confusing whether the broker is 4 or 5 digit…wht is the deafult code tht can be used instantly..i mean if i specify takeprofit thn wht i need to add to tht directly..do i need to add takeprofit*point or takeprofit*MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_POINT)..so tht it calulates the takeprofit in pips n close it..KINDLY PLZ LET ME NW

  11. Great video. Do you have a video on how to build a robot that takes a trade when the Parabolic SAR changes. I'd like to try it with TP and SL in place. Thanks Rob L

  12. Great video. I did everything the same. Even took a screen shot and matched it up prefectly and I still have 4 errors. How do I correct that to get the robot working?

  13. How the trade closes when the coding isnt having Any stoploss and take profit value.

    I want to adjust my Sl and TP when I am coding. How to enter. Sir

  14. I tried to create on my demo account in metatrader4 but I coudn`t, is the problem of demo account or I didnt code good it?

  15. i have 2 Errors on line 50 and line 32 it says unbalance parentheses and on the other one it says unexpected end of program.

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