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Breaking the Challenge mode! | Inscryption Kaycee's mod

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Inscryption is an inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuilding roguelike, escape-room style puzzles, and psychological horror into a blood-laced smoothie. Darker still are the secrets inscrybed upon the cards…


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  1. Most broken thing I done to beat this was doing cuckoo and putting the field mice on them, he can't even do anything with all the eggs in his spaces its so funny

  2. Love your content, Just finished with unlocking all of the stuff Kaycee's mod has to offer and beat the final challenge level. Super fun and awesome strats to try out especially when given a lucky run

  3. Let's use items so we get new ones and not a pack rat immediately forgets sigh sifd do you really have that low of an attention span no offense but like come on you litterly said that right before the fight and you still forgot edit: you remembered to do it later but still it got you a pack rat

  4. For anyone struggling with the challenges, here are some pretty broken sigil combinations I have learned throughout my time playing the game:

    Immortality + Corpse Eater
    If you have an undying card that jumps on dead creatures it will go right back to it's own spot when it dies. This only works if it is killed in combat, not through sacrifice.

    Porcupine + Touch of Death
    If you have a high health card it may be worth trying to get these sigils onto it. Anything that attacks it will instantly die. Getting this combo onto the rare Moleman card is very powerful.

    Worthy Sacrifice + Immortality
    As Sifd showed in this video, getting an immortal Black Goat makes it very easy to bust out your most powerful cards early, though you should still keep some low cost cards just in case you don't pull it.

    From a reply on this by @Internet Crusader:
    Dam Builder/Bellist + Leader
    What would happen here is the card you play spawns in two 1/1 cards on either side for an extra 2 free damage. Get this on any card with 3+ attack and you have an instant win. Getting Leader on a Skink can also cause a free damage if the tail survives, though this is unlikely.
    If you like this suggestion please give Internet Crusader's comment a like!

    A general piece of advice is that you can combine sigils on identical cards with the Mycologists. If you for example had two Black Goat (Worthy Sacrifice sigil), one with immortality and one with Many Bones you could combine them into a single card that has all three. Never underestimate how broken the mushroom people can be if used correctly.

    I will update this message with more combos, I'm too tired to think right now.

  5. I'm not entirely sure you noticed but I just wanted to clarify the this mod isn't actually mod. It is cannon and made by Daniel Mullins, the creator of the game. The reason why it is called a mood is because it is a cannon in universe modification by a game fuma employee, the in universe company that made inscryption

  6. Hidden Feature I found:

    When you get rare cards from the boss choose the one with the red eyes and question mark in its name, It is a shapeshifter that becomes a 4 – 1 with starvation when played. It’s called a ijiraq. VERY op and fun Easter egg. Plus when you scroll up you will see 2 of the same cards that you had one of and one of them is the imposter but it’s random every time.

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