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Bitcoin Cash 101: What is Bitcoin Cash?

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

What happens when we decentralize money? We get financial fairness, financial innovation, and financial freedom. In this “Intro to Bitcoin Cash” video, Scott Rose speaks about the advantages of Bitcoin Cash being independent money. Filmed at Nerd Nite Austin in April 2015.

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  1. Loved the way scott explained this. Lets take our financial freedom back from the banking crooks ! BITCOIN is the future.

  2. Ha, this was a blast from the past. I felt like I was back in a Ron Paul rally.

  3. Thanks a lot. Very interesting. Watch out for mycelium (a friend got ripped off from them)…

  4. We the American people bailed out the big banks in 2008. If the government places regulations to protect banks from BTC and other cryptocurrencies we must face the fact that we live in a Kingdom or a constitutional monarchy.

  5. lol imagine being that poor sign language interpreter trying to communicate all this complex shit

  6. Scott I'd love to hear your 120+ ways the banks screw us, I can't find this stuff anywhere? Please help

  7. One thing I don't understand is once all the bitcoins have been awarded for processing past transactions wont people just quit "mining"… What's there to continue using our computing power to process the transactions, past some idealistic notion of keeping bitcoin alive?

  8. Man, tough crowd, they were not worthy haha. Anyone who didn't listen to ya is sure wishing they did now!

  9. Can you add the public youtube translation? i want to create portuguese subtitles

  10. This is one great explainer I recommend watching everyone who wants to learn about BitCoin. Thank you so much!

  11. He highlights the real reasons why bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are so revolutionary.

  12. i hate our scumbag government so bad i can't even see straight. stop paying your taxes guys, they just murder babies with it.

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