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  1. ive already found a next great indicator but im still learning support and resitance cos understanding those makes the indicator actualy useable lol

  2. I thought it was an ascending triangle pattern…which is bullish…so why did it breakdown? Can someone explain?

  3. It's been a horrible time and a friend recommended him ☝️☝️☝️to me he's legit

  4. it’s compulsory learn how to make weekly earnings on cryptocurrency and metaverse stocks through her strategy when you contact her. I was profiting daily from other tiny coins cheap that went up twice the price within awhile. I really appreciate the effort of Hana Misak who made it happen.

  5. I'm starting to learn more and more that chart patterns support and resistance tell a lot without indicators. Indicators just kind of help confirm what you've already figured out

  6. I make huge profits on my crypto investment since i started trading with STELLAKATRINA, her trading strategies are top notch.

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