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Best Forex Signals 2022 +Bonus Free Trading Strategy!!

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Best Forex Signals in 2022? Who is it and is it worth it..

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In this video I explain what are Forex signals and how to use them. I also provide live trade updates, a free bonus trading strategy and show traders how to win more trades with ANY signal service. Not just mine.

Once I’m done with you, you will be a BETTER trader!! 📈


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I am not giving any financial advice in this video, it is purely for education and entertainment. Past profits do not guarantee future profits.


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  2. I'll never understand why ppl say free signals then send u to a link to show results and entice you to pay for their service. Best thing i ever did was learn the chart. But hey to each is own

  3. YO! pat.. i have subscribed with your VIP channel and paid already with paypal but i couldn't get into the channel yet!

  4. Hey, Pat!
    Just found this vid and your channel. Gonna try your signals and tips next week. I'm feeling positive. Yey

  5. I like your videos, especially how to use different indicators. Last time I tried Ichimoku. The result was 3 for 3. thanks!

  6. Man, everyday you release a new strategy lol. Giving all the newbies analysis paralysis when they get to the charts. Channels like this are "great" for new people until they realize it doesn't work. For anyone reading this; pick a strategy, backtest, and stick to it.

  7. Hi this explanation has given me confidence to look at the setup& determine when to eneter, because it has happened to me in past, that in one trade stoploss was hit & in another fearfully , either i would not take a trade or exit in small profit or loss. later I got confidence & i would take all the trades & would keep TP 1. over all it was better. But lately after watching your video, I learned to split my position size in 2 & would keep TP1 & TP2, for the two trades. God bless you Pat for not holding anything back.
    all the best

  8. Big thanks Mr pat .I had greatly sunk into losses , however am now realizing what had gone wrong

  9. I found you on TikTok about 3 weeks ago. Since that time i check out all your videos. I am so happy that i can follow your videos, strategys, tips and setups. I would love to join your VIP group. I use a free group on a regular basis.
    Greetings from Poland

  10. The best investment one can do right now is investing on forex trading though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to forex, I've seen so much difference.

  11. I am using your bot, and still trying to get better set to win profit.. hope I can have steady profit ASAP. Thank you!

  12. Nice and great setup always Pat. The pending orders are just the best of it with good risk reward ratio. I am a witness of the good analysis and great profit. Thanks man

  13. Mr Warren Buffett is legit and his method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with his new strategy

  14. Yahh bro realy like this video great things you teach wait and trigger entry after signal, i am already in your free group wants to join VIP so soon

    Thanks for such great content

  15. Wow wow…. you can kill someone with so powerful information… nice

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