1. The videos used to be so funny they turned to so political just like the rest of the world sorry bdr I got to give you the thumbs down

  2. Between Tom Macdonald and BDR, im convinced that Canadiens arent just syrup drinking Trudeaus. Take em to task fellas. We logical people in the US support your convictions. And hes wearing a jacket made of his beard hair!! Love it! Bigtimeeee!!!!!

  3. "Its all about our rights and freedoms"

    Me: why tf are sheep consenting to man-made authority to begin with?! FFS! If you believe gov gives you rights then you already lost the war………

  4. Love this!! And from the very start of this "deadly pandemic" I said if tim hortons is open this isn't that bad. The liberal lass had one in her hand lmao! Telling people outside they're the problem. You want to minimize contact buy a Keurig honey

  5. I hate these freaks of nature, I could be outside in the woods, and these people walk up to me screaming in my face, how come your not wearing a mask, I'm like get the f away from me, I guess I need a 6"pole with a roof nail on the end to shank these people with

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