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BDR Gets Fired!!!

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Josh gets fired for spending the annual budget on a single music video. So….if anyone out there can spare some change for a coffee….we’re broke now. He’s living in his man cave that he built with sweat, blood and tears…and possibly some urine.

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  1. Been smoking since the age of 12 28yo the 29th of this month March coming up. My ol ladies b-day is today happy birthday baby we're gonna get some hookers and blow

  2. hi big time hope ur back is okay soon maybe you can work on the new roofing album for spotify relrease

  3. You should’ve fired Tanya yourself. Who wears the pants at home? Lemme find out she does and I will burn bibles…

  4. Your right I won't drill on the flats even though they say you can. I smoke pot at work too its a mental fuckin wilderness out there

  5. Shit I can't smoke without breathing man if I couldn't burn all day life would suck

  6. YOUR A FCKING LEGEND BUD!!! True legend
    Pretty good music video too that was hardcore

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