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Bank Teller vs Forex #defi #dripnetwork #forex

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Forex v Bank Teller

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  1. I watched it all last night. Forex showed everyone why he’s the guy in defi. Bankteller showed his ego and immaturity. Also the amount of financial advice bankteller dished out telling people to buy in cheap is dangerous. Lawsuits coming in future

  2. There are a lot of people who invested in both platforms. I am someone disappointed on Forex for not telling Bankteller of the compromise. Forex losses on this also. People are distruting Defi. He also f'd up on the piggy bank and Rev coins. I lost a ton of money on both platforms except drip but bought drip at $90 because I keep compounding. It would not surprise me if Forex told one of his buddies to hack Elephant to gain more drip fans. Just telling it as a person using both platforms.

  3. Drip is everywhere, Unido staking is a bit same because it offers 0.35 percent daily
    Right now, passive income is essential.

  4. Man , Crypto Muscle just made a vid earlier saying Drip is next after Elephant. Man I couldn't believe his FUD it was off the charts. I can't wait till drip shoots back to ath and shuts him tf up.

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