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Animal Farm Update! AMA With Founder Forex Shark. My strategy, currently making $250/day

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In this video I walk through my strategy for getting involved in the Animal Farm. I also include my AMA that I had with the founder of DRIP and the Animal Farm, Forex Shark.

Get started with DRIP –

Get started with the Animal Farm –

My Spreadsheet –

Calculate your DRIP Garden Seed Value –

DOG Contract: 0xDBdC73B95cC0D5e7E99dC95523045Fc8d075Fb9e

PIG Contract: 0x3A4C15F96B3b058ab3Fb5FAf1440Cc19E7AE07ce



  1. Thank you for the great video! Maybe I missed it, but is there a way to stake the PIGS tokens that my DOGS are earning without harvesting?

  2. DRIP Network is v2.0 of the failed Bankroll Network FLOW. Forex Shark does not mention this. Search on bankroll network flow and you'll see the website. Look familiar?

  3. I'm so glad I've been taking out my profits from drip and most of my animal farm money and put it into Libero and FinoDao it's saved my ass really

  4. Love drip and the farm. Wish I could figure out the best places to put fresh capital. Drip/busd farm or just buy pigs and stake?

  5. Question for you James – Why wouldn’t you harvest and then compound your farm and pool money daily to get daily compounding?

  6. Thanks for the interview and your great content. Just got in the Animal Farm with your refferal.

  7. Sick interview!:)
    I mean the dude is bonkers (shark). He sounds super fucking legit… My focus in the near future will definitely shift towards drip/farm:)
    Thx for this James:)

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