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A Day In The Life Of A Female Forex Trader In Toronto | Vlog

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Hey guys, I decided to try something new and vlog a basic day in my life which included a quick forex trade and analysis, running errands, cooking, working out and relaxing. I’m quite a boring person so don’t judge LOL.

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  1. which broker do you use??? and do you have any idea which broker is best for forex option trading….. thank you

  2. This is the life I’m gearing up for. Nothing about this is boring at all! Keep going! You got this!

  3. salut candice! tu vas bien?
    je fais du trading ça fait un an maintenant et j'aimerai postuler dans une entreprise de trading au canada mais je ne trouve. tu en connais quelque une qui recruter???

  4. I'm a forex trader from Nigeria and I'm also a photographer. I'm thinking of coming to Canada for a photography diploma. Good to know I can also comfortably support my self in Canada by finding a way to trade while doing school work.

  5. After weeks of watching videos you have been the ONLY person not trying to sell something. Thank you.

  6. Do you have any video on forex broker to trade from Canada. I am an immigrant here. On my work permit ryt now. I wanna do forex , do you have any suggestions for me. Please reply. Am doing trading in tsx ryt not but there's no volatility in the market that's y i wanna come to forex now

  7. Not A boring life, I'm 47 and just started ForEX, glad to find a real person, I feel more confident on my ForEx journey partly because of your real approach. I study think about the concept reflect, watch vids, and blogs to confirm. real recognize real. Thanks for sharing blessed

  8. Hi. In the comments I saw you saying that your brokerage was KOT4X. I currently have a demo account with them but I want to open a live account soon. But to deposit money the account requires Bitcoin but there is no Bitcoin in Canada so how were you able to bypass this? Because I'd really like deposit money from my debit instead.

  9. If there was a strike in south Africa you wouldn't be able to get into the city or even drive in the road your strikes seem to be more civilized

  10. Forex is the most difficult investment for consistent profit. However, anyone interest on forex to invest they should go for only regulated approved Broker or Expert. Forex is not scam

  11. Hey love, I know Forex can be profitable but I just have so many reservations, especially after seeing so many L’s being taken lol. Do you make money off of Forex every day? Do you still lose trades or have you pretty much mastered the art of it? Like, what % of your portfolio do you tend to make a month? Give me something please haha! Xx

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