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$5000 PROFIT | Best binary options strategy 2022

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$5000 PROFIT | Best binary options strategy 2022

Hello! It’s Lady Trader and today I’ll show you the binary options trading strategy that I use in binary trading. More my binary options reviews you can watch in trading playlist.

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Hey everyone! My name is Liliana. I’m 21. And you’re on my YouTube channel where we speak about things like:
– Binary option strategy
– How to make money online
– Travelling
– Motivation and self-development.
If you want to start to make money online on forex and binary options and you decided to change your life – Subscribe on my channel!

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  1. Por lo que entiendo, hace entradas en los puntos límites de la tendencia operando a favor de la tendencia y si llega a resistencia operar a la baja y si llega a soporte operar a la alza, ya que la acción de precio se mantiene dentro de estos rangos….
    O me equivoco ????

  2. Affiliates, binary options are not trading but guesswork, and affiliates expect losses from their members to get profit sharing from the broker

  3. following your signal is good but often lose so my balance runs out because of your stupid strategy..??lilliana,grey

  4. Someone else redid hers and other women with same accent and all connected to Russia or something. And method doesnt work like she claims he redid 40 trades. This video cut and pasted with winning trades.

  5. Nice video.
    What time do you set up candles?
    And what is the best expiration time for this strategy?

  6. I'm not a YouTuber I don't have any type of social media platform really. just an average guy trying to get some information.

  7. With all these winning strategies here and there on the Tube, thousands of billionaires driving Lamborghini or Ferrari. Or maybe not?

  8. Thank you, Miss, Sorry for hearing about your illness. hope get well soon. We need more Videos Like Support, Resistance, and Candle reading.

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