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In this video I share some other trading bot settings that I have been testing for some time now! I also cover how to modify your existing settings to improve your bots and if you would like another video focusing on settings development and tips on how to do it then make sure to like the video, subscribe, and tell me in the comments!

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  1. Is it better to convert our long bots to “Deep Retracement” after the blow off top of this bull run or is it better to switch to short bots with your previous recommended settings for short bots?

  2. Thanks for such a wicked cool video.

    I have implemented the ta2 strategy today.

    One issue I am facing is that some of my positions TP is much more than the 1.25% I had set. Some of them expect 3-5% tp – this is being forced regardless of the TP % I set. Why is this?
    Is it because the BO of $10 is too small to have a 1.25% TP?
    This even occurs on my BTC position

  3. Great job Sir. I did the strong uptrend settings (3% TP, 10 MSTC, 2% SO dev, 1.4% SO Vol Scale, 1.23 So Step Scale). However it says "Max amount for bot usage (Based on current rate) 604870 USDT. Why is that?

  4. So I just started into crypto and trading with 3,,, how does this affect your gains with capital gains, I been doing research but thought I’d get your opinion

  5. Great as always! 1 year with you on Discord running bots during this period. Ty for everything that you are doing.

  6. how do you feel about Coinbase pro versus Binance? Binance is asking a lot of invasive personal info from me for some reason

  7. Thanks for your videos. Using the info you have provided i have earned almsot 400 dollars pretty much hands of stress free. And that is just awsome.

  8. Have you tested any deal start conditions to get closer to a baseline vs the auto start after a deal closes?

  9. Thank you for sharing. Very informative. Definitely love to see more video from you on the "Bot Setting", especially when the market turn into bear. what setting for the bot can generate consistent income for the bear market. thank you again.

  10. I made 70% profit in 3 weeks using your original settings!! You are a heaven sent!! Thank you so much TRADE ALTS!! much love from Philippines!!

  11. Fantastic video dude. Love all your videos. Hey, what is the SOS or safety order step scale. is it default 1 for all of those suggestions? @trade alts

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