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3 Reasons Why #Forex Is DEAD in 2022 – #FUTURES are better

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Open the following link to find out more about forex sucks, PLEASE check out:

The video is presenting forex sucks valuable information but also try to cover the following subject:
-forex is trash
-forex is dead
-don’t trade forex

Youtube is the best place to go when searching for videos about why you’re struggling trading forex – watch this video to find out why forex sucks in 2022.
There are some big reasons why forex is dead in 2022. There are alternatives to forex trading that are much better, less frustrating and more rewarding.
Our YouTube channel has various other related videos about what you should trade instead of forex. Forex is trash after a number of world events that almost brought an apocalypse. So watch the video – but basically the moral of the story: don’t trade forex!
For more videos about futures trading strategies, prop trading firms and intraday orderflow trading strategies, see more videos on our channel:

Now that you have actually viewed our video about forex sucks did it help you understand why you should find another market?
Please like the YT vid to help your friends searching for solutions to their struggles with the dead forex.



  1. MarketStalkers, you lack knowledge and experience in forex trading. Do you know that you can avail of forex leverage of 100, 500, or even 1000? Its just like multiplying the smallest price movement or pip by 100, 500, or 1,000. Have you traded the EURAUD and GBPJPY? As of May 24, 2002 these forex pairs have a daily average true range of 171 and 218 respectively. If your capital is $1,000 and your leverage is 500 and your pip value is $50/pip, then you will get $8,550 from EURAUD's 171 pips and $10,900 from GBPJPY's 218 pips. And its only one day of trading. Can you get more in one day in futures trading?

  2. ive been shorting the Yen via /6J the past 3 weeks and have been crushing it. I got some short exposure to /6S as it has a similar look to /6J prior to it falling apart but I would need volume and confirmation before I really hammer the trade. Check out /6s Jan 15, 2015 when the swiss bank made some surprise announcement and there was a 25% move in a day. the /6J daily chart is looking the same right before the big change. Perhaps Japan has new news this week. '

  3. Wow … this video is so well received… I was only trading Forex (not with success)….
    Does this apply to both Swing Trading or only Day Trading FOREX?

    I am new to future, but will give it a chance now.
    Is there any difference between Gold-USD and Gold Futures ?

  4. Totally with you on this one and also prefer the indices, but day trading forex with a small account of 10-20k trading like 5-10 lots a trade and aiming for just 10pips a day, I think there are some good opportunities for skilled traders.

    Ps:Dee, have been looking for a video of you back then playing the sax! Where is one?!

  5. Will we have to learn Futures trading strategies or can we still use the same strategy we use in Forex in the Futures market?
    At University we learned about the Fututes and Options market to hedge Options trades in the Futures market.
    Do you recommend learning Options too?
    Thank you Dee

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