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+$281,240.00 Profit in 1 Hour Trading Gold – Live Trade Breakdown – Forex Trading NY Session XAU/USD

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Let’s talk about the trade that I shared with everybody in my free Telegram channel yesterday on Gold (XAU/USD). I was able to bank $281,240 profit in just 1-hour trading Gold during the new york session. In this video, I will show you exactly how I managed the trade along the way, and how I have bigger the position size along the way to the ultimate target. We go together over the live recording of the session, so you can see exactly how I did it. When I look for entries, I like to enter the market in zones where other traders got stopped out or tricked before.

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  1. I'm giving up on trading, is like there is nothing for me in life, i feel like a complete failure but congratulations for those who are successful.

  2. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading, and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. until i came across Denis Mark Trading, he turned my life around, I'm so grateful!

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