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2021 Mazda 3 Turbo Sedan // The FASTEST Mazda Money can Buy!

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WOW! The NEW 2022 Mazda 3 TURBO is an amazing compact car! With standard AWD, a 2.5L Turbo engine with 250 HP and 320 lb. ft. of torque, this Mazda3 goes 0-60MPH in a quick 5.7s! Not to mention, all the luxury included on the inside! But is this the $30,000 HOT sedan you should buy?? Or should you get a Volkswagen Jetta GLI? Or a Honda Civic Si?? Go ahead: CLICK to find out 🙂 Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review — it helps us more than you can imagine!

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  1. Not sure how mazda owners keep saying their cars look so good. It maybe 3/10 compared to german designs. However the interior is very nice, 8/10

  2. Ok so the turbo version only comes with the black wheels? Or can I get the regular silver ones?

  3. I thought about getting the turbo but reliability with turbos is never great. The 187hp of the 2.5 is great and can easily get out of it's own way. So I just bought the Premium 2022 Mazda 3. It's like a Mercedes at quarter of the price. All the same features as this turbo in the same color shown except minus the turbo. I got the grey for the exterior color.

  4. Does the back up camera have rear trajectory view or is that only on the premium plus package?

  5. The car is indeed beautiful and high quality, but there is one thing that bothers it: the new shape of the steering wheel. The leather coating is high quality, but the profile of the steering wheel is flattened and not round (not "tubular") as before, and therefore not comfortable in any position of the hand, but in a very specific position. The uncomfortable grip makes driving uneasy. It is a great pity that they abandoned the "universal", rounded shape, which is suitable for any driver and in any position.

  6. Welcome to Finland. Youll never see this here. You can have 2.0l motor one for 40k€.

  7. I have bought 2 mazda 3s so far brand new from Paul Miller a 2011 and 2017 and this year will be my 3rd turbo sedan. Love mazda.

  8. Honestly this car makes me excited to drive it everyday, I got the black exterior Premium Plus with the red interior and I'm drooling at the thought when I blackout the windows.
    It's a small powerful hatch with a sleek look and I couldn't have been more proud of my choice.

  9. I'm glad you mentioned the larger exhaust tips for turbo models. I wasn't sure the Turbos had them. I thought the Turbo Premium Plus only had them.

  10. This car needs Mazda 3 needs Mazda speed 3 🙂 This is very good car to build on 🙂

  11. Mazda if you are reading this, please add cooling seats. it’s hot as f**k during summer, cooling seats will help a lot. And yes I will buy when you finally add that sh*t.

  12. Wish they would bring Mazda 3 sedans (turbo or otherwise) to Thailand. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I don't agree with their sealed ATs warranted for life BS, nor their lack of servicing on the timing chains. However, worn-out timing chains/chain tensioners are easy to hear and the ATF can be checked and flushed when required.

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