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$1500 LOST IN 3 HOURS 🤬 US30 FOREX ( IT GETS UGLY 12/14/21 )

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If you’re new to this whole world, dont be intimidated by it. Contact me & ill show you how simple it is to copy & paste what I do.
If you want access to the PRIVATE SIGNALS CHANNEL, DM me on the Instagram account or message nomore925ever@gmail.com

I’m sharing with you a signal group I’ve been using to get very accurate US30 calls as much as over 80% of the time. I’ve been profiting and so have others. I have proof of this and if you want to see it, just keep your notifications on. This is NOT a robot and it’s not automatic. This is manual stuff. You have to be vigilant.

I choose to play US30 because I am impatient & I want to manifest quick results. US30 is extremely volatile/fast moving. If you don’t have a big enough account & proper risk management (using the stop loss & not taking over leveraged trades) you can blow your whole account very quickly. You can also secure some very large profits if you enter a trade correctly and on time as you’ll see in the videos. Make sure you’re following and subscribed.

I fully understand the risks involved, but I’m excited and enthusiastic about the potential for quick gains. I don’t wish to spend years learning the ins and outs. I don’t do technical analysis, or charting. I’m getting straight to the money. Don’t get involved in this if you are faint of heart and are putting your last in this. The US30 world is here preferably for people who can come in with a bigger bankroll. This isn’t for little $500-$1000 accounts. If you’re scared, just sit back and keep watching. Eventually you might come around.

If you’re new to this, I can help get you a broker and give you instructions on what to download, and how to get set.

Continue reading if you want to see what it’s like to experience profits within minutes per day.

My goal is simply to get to the 💰bag💰 in the simplest and quickest way. I just want to scalp some of this multitrillion dollar FOREX market and go about my life… do you❓I don’t need the extra headaches. I plan to make a lot of money off the forex side, and some good money referring people to something that has the ability to make them money daily. I want to create some testimonies before I raise the price then pump this group harder.😈📈🚀

Most Forex people on FB have done an appalling and sickening job & im fed up. I want to liven up the marketing and lifestyle side of things… let’s swag it up while getting some people winning. Contact me on Instagram or email me.



3-5 Signals Daily

Every Live US30 Snipers Trade Alert includes Proper risk Management, an Entry Point, Number of Entries, Stop Loss, & Take Profit.

Live Real-Time Forex Signal Trade
Maximum Avg Drawdown is 15%-20%

Leverage 1:500

0.01 to 0.02 lot size for every $1000 in your account is suggested to stay as conservative as possible, especially when first starting.

Use Proper Risk Management with every Forex Trade Signal that is sent.

Our Forex Experts have 15+ years of experience trading the Forex Market

On an average our signals are over 80% accurate to hit the target and generate profit in the Forex Market

Live Buy/Sell Forex Trade Alerts with entry price, stop loss, and take profit for every trade sent out.

⚠️DISCLAIMER: Results may vary! Past results are not indicative of future performance. We are all big boys and girls here. Understand that there is risk involved in Forex & this US30 is EXTREMELY volatile. You can blow your whole account within minutes, or you can come up hundreds to thousands per trade within minutes. It’s up to you to practice proper risk management. It is recommended you have an account with at least a few thousand dollars to start. If you have an account under $3,000, then keep your lot sizes at a 0.03 or less.



  1. Hey man I appreciate you showing your Results whether you win or lose on the trade. That's when you know that this is real. Thanks Gregory

  2. This is the type of video that 99.9% of "gooroos" never talk about. Props for showing how it really is.

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