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10 Best Bot Lane Champions to Play in Season 12 | Mobalytics Ft. Kairos

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Today, Kairos is here to give us the rundown on the 10 Best AD Carries to play in Season 12! Check out our website for more.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Vayne
01:45 Jinx
02:57 Kai’Sa
04:09 Jhin
05:27 Caitlyn
06:44 Swain
07:49 Twitch
09:07 Ezreal
10:26 Kog’Maw
11:34 Ziggs
12:46 Thanks for Watching!



  1. Kinda "un-professional" to talk about swain apc but showing his B-rated support page in term of runes and itemisation :p

  2. So happy to see Twitch and Kog'Maw here! I'm not a bot laner main, but when I'm filled there I've always loved to play these two scaling pics with exquisite build diversity. They can go crit, they can go on-hit, they could even go AP or hybrid. You just need time, and you'll completely 1v9. I love it that they're viable now and they may make me want to consider switching to the bot lane next season!

  3. No Aphelios? Unfortunate. I think he's great and can do pretty much everything – lifesteal, poke, CC, teamfight, but maybe that's because I'm an aph "main".

  4. If the other team has a Vayne, you better have someone on your team with a non skillshot CC like an Annie or something like that.

  5. I think that aphelios is a very rewarding adc to master as he carries one of the biggest potentials for carrying the game as long as you know the good weapon combos

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