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#1 Weekly Forex Forecast 8th – 12th Nov 2021 [🎯EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GOLD, & BITCOIN…]

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In this “FOREX Forecast”, we will be covering EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY along with USOIL, GOLD(XAUUSD), SILVER(XAGUSD) & BITCOIN…

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We Trade Waves covering DXY in detail covered on the 23rd of October

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0:00 Intro
01:40 DXY
03:01 We Trade Waves Trading Course
04:08 EURUSD
05:10 EURUSD Before/After
06:40 GBPUSD
09:03 AUDUSD
10:52 Memebers Feedback
12:23 USDJPY
13:05 NZDUSD
13:47 GBPJPY
15:53 USOIL
17:26 GOLD
18:37 USDCAD
19:05 SILVER
20:38 Learn to trade

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33 Comentários

  1. humbly thank you, I just started trading about 2 years ago, I analyze pretty well, but trade execution is a little tough. My money management is on point. It's just sometimes I get stuck on which trend am I reading you know, am i looking at a scalping trend, a long term or mid term.

  2. Very accurate analysis ; I like your system and way of simplify the market structur.
    keep going …
    Mamoun ALI

  3. Bitcoin is bearish wedging on the weekly with a top around 64000. the daily has crossed below the recent bullish trend line and is now consolidating below this. and wedging. SOON it will fall and you can expect an easy hit of the 50 k mark. From here i expect it to go up and form a lower high as it will likely create a new bearish trend lower highs and lower lows. Anyways. Just don't touch a buy right now and patiently wait for the imminent sell. It's an easy 5 to 10 k win and probably a fast one at that. Easy $$$. Bitcoin just keeps on giving these quick profit no risk easy $ gifts to the sell side. I haven't bought it since January. And i won't at these over priced levels. The smart move. Sit back. Wait for the sell. No risk.

  4. Gold is going to be fun. I totally expect gold to retrace slightly to say 1810. retesting resistance now turned support and then up easily to 1830. From here it's a coin flip really. I actually expect it to fall to the daily pivot around 1806 before going up to 1840 ish Weekly R1. Then i totally expect it to drop to weekly S1 to collect liquidity around 1790 before taking off to 1910. Keep in mind that up is more likely due to inflation driving gold price and the US economic boost due to the monetary dump in is already priced in. DXY may cause some stall outs… delays. But inflation is driving this bus. A break above the 1830 mark with momentum is a break of the monthly bear flag. Monthly candles. To the upside. that has 2400 all over it. But it is monthly so not happening any time soon… more like 6 months. or more.

  5. Can you bring down the cost of your course, it's pretty high for the regular retail trader to pay. Could you bring it down so we can join the community. Thanks.

  6. Hello there. I am unable to buy your 1 month package. Is there any other payment method like PayPal BTC etc.

  7. What an excellent analysis for this coming week. Last week, I made great profits on GBPUSD, EURUSD & AUDUSD. Looking forward to join the Nov course starting on 15th Nov. Thanks guys.

  8. I follow your weekly analysis and they are great for my trading. I would like to apply for your course but unfortunately i couldn't join November course. Would you provide this course next year ?

  9. Can we directly join your group for these signals without going to November course?, pls reply

  10. WE TRADE WAVES thanks for giving me hope on forex trading. Last week was great. Will continue following you guys till am good myself.

  11. Yes no one can be right 100% in forex but take it from me sir, you are right always. Because the accuracy make it fell there won't be wrong times in the forecast

  12. sir gold buy trading last week gold sell tell in your analyas fakeing my money is gone

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